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Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful the strategy call was (remember you're trying to sell the free call, not your services yet!)

What You’ll Get During This [Your Service] Free Strategy Call

In this section you’ll explain what will happen during the strategy call, the goal is to reassure your future client that this will be valuable for them and that it won’t just be a sales pitch. You want them to understand that this is not a waste of time.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Here you tell them what your part of the job is before hopping on the call (eg. looking at their website, analyzing their brand, checking their social media engagement, …)

What Happens During the Call

What’s going to happen during the call? What are the benefits your future clients will get?

What Changes After the Call

Tell them what they will get away with or what will happen after the call. Ideally you want to have a clear tangible result after having the call

About Newman Windows

In this section, you want to show your expertise. Tell them why you’re good at what you’re doing and tell them some more about your style and your way of working.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Here you’ll show more social proof. At the end of each call (or shortly after) ask what they thought about the call and if you can quote them.Try to answer common objections such as wasting time, getting forced to buy, …

Duncan Newman
Don burton


Very professional from start to finish. Workers showed up on time, very courteous, and always left the job site clean after each day. You can tell they care about what they do and take pride in their work, which is a reflection of the entire company's commitment to quality. I highly recommend them

S White


I went to the Newman showroom the other day to look at different options to replace the windows in our home in Encinitas. The team did a great job of explaining the benefits of different styles of replacement windows. Window Technology has approved a lot since my house was originally built. I will be getting new windows installed in early December, looking forward to better insulting windows and lowering my heating bill this winter.


I wish I could give them 10 stars! Very professional from start to finish. Very good prices too. Crew was amazing! The job was done in 1 day, they didn't leave on piece of dirt behind, Best experience I have had in a long time with contractors.

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