Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows have become a popular choice for both new construction and window replacement. They provide strength and durability and can be finished in the manner that is most compatible with the appearance of your home.

Fiberglass, as a material, is not new. It has been used for boats and auto bodies for years, and it adds strength to ladders and other smaller products. Windows frames, however, posed some unique challenges that have only recently been met by manufacturers such as Milgard. They are now making windows and doors that will enhance the beauty of your home in every season and every climate.

Window frames made of fiberglass look like wood and can be painted and stained just like wood. It is also possible to apply a wood veneer to the interior surface of the frames, so you can paint the outside frame to match the color of your home while enjoying the warmth of wood veneer inside.

The biggest advantage fiberglass window frames have over wooden frames is that they are not subject to rot and insect damage. They do not have to be treated with toxic preservatives and they will not decay if the paint or other finish is damaged and exposes the bare frame. Fiberglass is also impervious to extreme temperatures, salt, air, and ultraviolet rays. It will not crack, swell, peel, or warp.

Because fiberglass is made of spun glass fibers and resin, it responds to temperature changes in the same way as glass. This means that the frame will expand and contract to about the same degree as the glass window panes, causing less stress at the seams and keeping a tight, energy-efficient seal.

Although fiberglass window and door frames are often a slightly more expensive choice compared to vinyl or aluminum, the cost difference will be recouped due to the higher performance of the fiberglass. It will be functional and attractive for years, helping your home to retain its value.

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