Replacement Windows Buying Guide

Deciding to replace windows on your home is a huge decision and an investment. How can you be sure that your windows need to be replaced? How do you know what windows to get? Buy smart and learn what to expect with this replacement windows buying guide.

When is it Time to Replace Windows?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it is time to replace your windows:

  • High energy bill – By replacing your windows, you can save money on your energy bill by trapping in heat while simultaneously updating the look of your home.
  • Furniture is fading from direct sunlight – Damage to furnishings, artwork and fabric are a result of harmful UV rays not only on sunny days, but cloudy days too. A solution is to replace your old windows with new windows that are built with insulation and designed to block damaging UV rays.
  • Feel a draft through the windows – Unfortunately this is likely due to the design of the window. To fix a draft coming from a large window, replace them with new windows that are energy efficient and rated with a U-value.

Where to Start?

  • Find out if your home is covered by a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). If you have a HOA, you will need to get the HOA’s approval to replace any windows along with HOA approved window specifications. Otherwise the HOA may issue you a fine and you may need to replace the windows again to their correct HOA specifications.
  • Obtain a correct window count. Do not forget smaller scale windows i.e. bathroom windows. Also, remember to take note of windows that may require a custom size and/or shape.
  • Since you may be replacing windows only once, this is the time to consider about upgrading your windows. Unless you have a HOA, you are not limited to giving your home a window lift. There are many styles, colors, materials, finishes, and trimmings now available. Also, if you are thinking about making a window larger or closing one off this should be done during the same time.
  • Decide when to get your windows installed. Depending on the amount of windows that need to be replaced and/or custom work required, the window installation can take several days to a few weeks. Someone should be home during the window installation. After you have chosen your windows, the window dealer will need to order your new windows. Therefore, you must also take into consideration the window dealer’s installation schedule as they may not be able to start the work until your new windows arrive.
  • Another consideration is the weather.  Do not have windows installed during the rainy season.
  • Research the average cost to replace windows in your area. Plan and set a budget. Most window dealers will give the option to complete the window installation in multiple installation jobs. If you opt for this, start with the windows that give your home curb appeal.
  • Find out what payment options are available to you and decide how you will pay. Be prepared to pay out of pocket with cash or credit card. Do not hesitate to ask if financing available. Normally a partial payment is required to commence the window installation work. Then final payment is due when the window installation job is complete. No matter which financing option you opt for, be sure you understand the terms especially if going with a 3rd party finance institution or the HERO program.

Once you have examined the points above, start looking for potential window dealers/sellers in your area.

How to Select a Window Dealer?

Search for 6-7 local window dealers by checking online, visiting local showrooms and evaluating client referrals. For each window dealer, inquire about the following and do your own comparison:

  • Certified – Be sure to hire a window dealer that employs only highly qualified and certified window installers.
  • Warranty – There are two warranties to check for: labor and manufacturer/brand warranty. Labor warranties are not created equal. There may be limitations; ensure to check on the window dealer’s website or call to ask. For the latter warranty, find out what brands the window dealer carries. From here, you’ll need to check with that brand to inquire what warranty is offered with that particular window brand.
  • Guarantee – Similar to warranties, each window dealer’s guarantee will vary. There may be exclusions. Be sure to ask!
  • Customer service – Visit the showroom and/or call to speak to a representative with your questions and concerns. This will give you a solid idea for their level of customer service, which is just as important as the items above. Don’t forget to check for customer reviews!
  • Selection – If you are replacing a window because of a problem, make sure your selected window dealer can fix the problem.

At the end of this process, you should have selected your top 2-3 window dealer companies. Request a windows replacement estimate from each dealer. Most window dealers offer a free in-home and no obligation estimate.

From here, you should have your estimates and have an idea of their qualifications plus level of customer service. Now you can make a well-informed decision on the right window dealer for you!


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