Newman Replacement Windows and NARI Mixer 2016

  Duncan Newman, owner of Newman Replacement Windows, hosted yet another eventful NARI (National Association for the Remodeling Industry) mixer on May 19, 2016 at the Newman Replacement Windows’ San Diego location. Duncan, being a great host, greeted everyone with a warm welcome in his beautiful showroom featuring an array of the best windows and […]

Window Options to Bring More Light in to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatment Options Some of the most beautifully decorated kitchens can easily be diminished in appearance with poor overhead lighting and a lack of natural light coming through the windows. The type of window treatments used can greatly determine how much light is in the kitchen, making it important to choose the right option […]

Finding the Best Window Replacement Contractor Checklist

Window repairs often take consumers by surprise, even when their homes are well maintained. When faced with this scenario, a person should do everything possible to avoid choosing a contractor in haste. Below is a window replacement contractor checklist to help consumers make the best decision when hiring a window replacement contractor. Reputation The window […]

Single Pane Windows – Why, What, Where & More

Why Choose Single Pane Windows Installing new windows can brighten your day. Homeowners shopping for new windows have many options. Before purchasing curtains, you should have an idea of the type of windows you want installed in your home. Single pane windows have been popular for decades. There are several reasons why single pane windows […]

How to Paint French Doors: Step-by-Step Guide

A DIY guide to ooh la la results to painting your French door. Step One: Take Down the Door Before you begin painting your French door, you must remove it from the hinges. By doing this, you’re able to keep the doors steady while you are working, which will help you get to all the […]

How to Replace a Rotted Windowsill

Considering that windows are exposed to all sorts of inclement weather all year-round for up to decades at a time, windowsills can start to degrade if not taken care of properly. This is especially true for wooden window sills, as they are not as tough as metal and are more susceptible to the elements and […]

How to Measure for Replacement Windows?

Every year, thousands of homeowners across the United States replace broken windows in their home. While replacing a broken window does take some time, it’s a simple process if one follows the right steps. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to measure for replacement windows before getting them installed. When looking […]

8 Creative Ideas for Interior Doors

Interior doors come in a vast array of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. No matter what the function of the interior door or the room it is introducing, there is an interesting and creative option for your home. Glass Panel Doors The variety in glass panel doors is immense, from the number of panels to […]

What is a Picture Window?

A picture window is a large window that does not open up. It offers a clear and unobstructed view of the outside environment. It is basically framework for whatever view is on display. It does not matter if it is a river, the ocean, a forest or mountains. A picture window makes outside beauty a […]

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