Kensington San Diego

Why Move to Kensington San Diego?

If you are looking for a residential community in San Diego that is both a cultural center and a business district, consider moving to Kensington. This cul-de-sac community is ideal for families and is known for its low crime rate. In addition to its great location, Kensington offers a relaxed small town feel. In addition, Kensington offers plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. So, why move to Kensington San Diego?

Kensington San Diego is a cultural and business center

The historic neighborhood of Kensington, San Diego is one of the oldest residential areas in the country. This area was first settled in 1910, when two sisters sold the land to Santa Fe Railroad Company executives. Today, it is one of the most desirable older urban neighborhoods in San Diego. The area is also known for its excellent public schools. It is home to several art museums and has a vibrant cultural scene. Aside from being a great place to live, Kensington is also a good place to raise a family. There are several good public schools within walking distance of the historic area.

While many residents consider Kensington as an urban environment, it is still a quaint little neighborhood. The neighborhood consists of one large cul-de-sac, designed to keep traffic to a minimum. Adams Avenue runs through the area's quaint business district and crosses I-15. Marlborough Drive leads south and is an excellent place to visit for shopping and dining. You can also find underground parking in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was annexed to the City of San Diego in 1952. Its borders are defined by Interstate 15 and Interstate 8 to the west and Fairmount Avenue to the east and El Cajon Boulevard to the south. It is one of the oldest residential areas in San Diego. The community is home to many businesses and attractions, including several art galleries and theaters. It is also home to some of San Diego's most famous residents, including the acclaimed artist Robert Rauschenberg.

It is a cul-de-sac

If you are looking for a quiet residential neighborhood, then consider the small community of Kensington. Unlike other urban environments, Kensington is built on extended cul-de-sacs. As a result, traffic is kept to a minimum. Although you can easily reach all the attractions and businesses in the Kensington downtown area, you can enjoy the peace and quiet without having to worry about driving for long periods.

The neighborhood of Kensington was developed in 1926 by the Davis-Baker Company, who were experts in subdivision planning. The area received many improvements and streetlights and featured many homes designed by renowned San Diego architect, Requa. However, not all homes in the neighborhood were built during the 1920s. There are some that date back to the 1940s. The homes in the neighborhood are quite unique and reminiscent of the era in which they were built.

The Kensington neighborhood is known for its small-town feel and has many unique neighborhoods. The Kensington neighborhood is a cul-de-sac and has a schoolhouse-sized library and many single-family California-style homes. The neighborhood also offers a thriving commercial district on Adams Avenue, which has a high walkability score. Whether you're looking for a large home or a cozy, quaint abode, Kensington is the place for you.

It has a small town feel

Residents of Kensington San Diego take pride in preserving the small-town feel of the neighborhood. They walk their dogs and say hello to neighbors. Its streets are winding and peaceful, and you can stroll around without having to worry about driving. In addition to the quiet, scenic feel of the neighborhood, Kensington also has many great amenities for walkers. The neighborhood's high walkability score means that many residents can enjoy a meal or a drink on the sidewalks.

When first incorporated in 1910, Kensington San Diego was a private neighborhood. It was owned by the Hall sisters until they acquired the rights from the San Diego Electric Railway (SANDR). Their husbands were land use attorneys, realtors, and local politicos. Throughout the years, Kensington has experienced growth and development, but it still maintains a small town feel. Its historic significance is evident in the architecture of the neighborhoods.

The street names echo those of the district in West London. However, there is disagreement over the origins of the name. However, one theory holds that Kensington took its name from a town near Natick, Massachusetts. Because of this, the street names of Kensington are similar to those of other cities in the area. The community maintains a small-town community feel since its founding. Residents celebrate their traditions in a fun, colorful way. A parade is held for every major holiday, from the Fourth of July to the upcoming Halloween festival.

It has a low crime rate

The good news for residents of Kensington is that it has a low crime rate. While Kensington is located in the center of San Diego, it still retains a small town feel. Residents of Kensington are friendly and take care of one another. In fact, Kensington has a lower crime rate than most San Diego neighborhoods. Residents are also close to downtown San Diego, the San Diego Zoo, and the bay. For all these reasons, Kensington is a great place to live, whether you're looking for a family home, a retirement home, or a retirement community.

When looking at the crime rate in Kensington, it's important to remember that violent crimes make up a small percentage of crimes. While property crimes are far more common, violent crimes are usually more violent. The FBI reports that violent crimes in Kensington totaled just ninety-one incidents per 100,000 residents in 2019. While Kensington is below the national average, its crime rate is still low. The rate in Kensington is only 93 incidents per 100,000 residents, which is significantly lower than the national average of 2,772 crimes per 100,000 people.

Residents of Kensington are proud of their heritage. The neighborhood is characterized by a Spanish influence. There are Spanish churches, and children's activities such as Irish dancing and karate. Families can enjoy the neighborhood's low crime rate by taking advantage of the many activities that Kensington has to offer. Kensington San Diego is an excellent place to raise a family. There are many places for young children to play, and a library offers story time for toddlers and preschoolers. Besides having a low crime rate, residents can enjoy the parks and playgrounds.

It has single-family homes

If you're interested in living in an upmarket neighborhood, then Kensington is the place for you. This neighborhood is full of character and small-town charm, yet it's only a ten-minute drive from downtown San Diego. While many other San Diego neighborhoods have changed significantly over the years, Kensington has managed to stay true to its roots while still offering single-family homes with a distinctive character. For example, it is home to many historic Spanish-style homes that were constructed in the 1920s.

The community was named after a pair of sisters and features Spanish tiled cottage style homes with immaculate lawns. The neighborhood is located off of SR-15 and starts just after the overpass. The big sign in the neighborhood will draw your attention if you're traveling by car. The neighborhood's southern and eastern boundaries are defined by Van Dyke Avenue and Meade Avenue, respectively, which are known as Kensington's residential areas. The area to the north of Adams Avenue is known as the heart of the neighborhood.

When it comes to housing in Kensington, prices tend to be a bit higher than the average for San Diego. Single-family homes are the most popular type of properties for sale, and the neighborhood is a quaint, upscale neighborhood within easy reach of Downtown San Diego and Balboa Park. Kensington San Diego has many historic attractions, and housing costs tend to be higher than average. However, if you are looking to live in a historic neighborhood that is close to everything, Kensington may be the perfect place for you.

It has a business district

The neighborhood of Kensington is located in the city of San Diego, California. It is bordered by the Interstate 8 and 15 freeways to the north and south, Fairmount Avenue to the east, and City Heights to the south. The area has a population of 6,490. Its median income is about $85,600. The neighborhood is surrounded by residential neighborhoods such as Normal Heights and City Heights. Residents in Kensington are mostly homeowners, and there are many small businesses that call the area home.

One of the neighborhood's most popular places to eat is Adams Avenue. This street features many cafes and restaurants. If you love food and a good cup of java, try Kensington Cafe. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has a happy hour every Monday through Thursday. There are many outdoor activities, as well. For family dining, check out Ponce's Mexican Restaurant, a family-owned restaurant with some of the best margaritas in San Diego. Village Vino features a selection of more than 100 premium and unique wines.

The neighborhood was incorporated into the city in 1952. It is a small town in a big city. It is built like one big cul-de-sac. Its design keeps traffic to a minimum. Its business district is located between I-15 and Marlborough Drive, which leads south to El Cajon Boulevard. There is a large park in the community and many parks to explore.