Aluminum Windows – Orange County

What window replacement material would someone in Orange County opt for if they wanted all the benefits and none of the drawbacks?

Aluminum Windows are stylish, immune to rotting or corrosion, easy to maintain, and durable in the long run. Slim frames open up your field of view and lend a contemporary feel, while factory-applied coloration won't wear off over time, so they always remain in style. Couple that with its rust-proof durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance, and there's no other material you'd rather make a fashion statement with. Aluminum is also cost-efficient, often even more so than windows made purely of wood. A hybrid design scheme is optional to improve affordability, with the interior comprised of wood while the outer chassis is jacketed with anodized aluminum for the complete robustness it offers at a lower price point.

“Are there drawbacks?” Provided Aluminum Windows are installed correctly, there are none! However, in the event they're poorly set and sealed, the worst you can expect is some condensation buildup. This usually isn't anything to worry about, since aluminum is resistant to corrosion, but it could still result in damage to the surrounding structure. As with any material, installation mishaps can adversely impact the long-term utility of aluminum, so it's crucial to choose a team of professionals who'll get it done right the first time.

This is where Newman Windows and Doors steps in. With years of specialized guidance and home installation of Aluminum Windows in Orange County, we offer a suite of window styles and practical enhancements, including thermal breaks for maximized home energy efficiency. Keep your hot streak in the dead of winter and your cool in the shimmering summer heat — no matter what time of year it is, our team of seasoned professionals have your back.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows:

  • Long-lasting, reliable operation
  • Durable factory-applied color options
  • Narrow sight lines maximize outdoor view
  • Won’t rust or rot
  • Strong, durable and easily maintained
  • Slim frames complement modern architectural styles