Sliding Doors in San Diego

Tuscany_202If you are looking for new doors for your backyard, be sure to consider sliding patio doors. These doors add beauty and light to your home. They are an affordable option as well as easy to maintain. The frames of these patio doors are typically made of fiberglass, vinyl or aluminium and will last for many years. Keep in mind the architectural aspects of your home when choosing your door.

Sliding Patio Doors

Many people choose these doors for a number of reasons. They save space since they simply slide along tracks and don't require room to open into your house. They are also an affordable option. Some doors have the option of opening on either side. Others, have one sliding door and one stationary door. Some doors also have vertical blinds, built-in to the door which requires little dusting and maintenance.

Sliding French Doors

If you are looking for a bit more flair than the average patio door, you may want to consider a sliding french door. These doors have a traditional look and, like the sliding patio doors, they also do not require extra room to open and close. Clear glass doors will let in plenty of light, while panes on the doors give a classical look.

Personal Touches


Adding curtains to sliding doors can be a way to put your own personal decorating touches to these doors. You could also consider framing the interior of your patio doors with a warm wood such as mahogany or a rich oak for a classic look.

Sliding doors will allow natural light into your house. They are also energy efficient. Be sure to look for the energy rating on these doors as they can vary. You can easily add a screen door to the outside of your patio door to let in the fresh air along with all that light. If you are looking for doors for your new home, or want to change a door that takes up too much space, sliding doors are worth considering.

Brands we carry

Patio doors come in many different styles and materials such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

They can be streamlined in appearance to emphasize a particular viewing area, or they can be works of art – such as a French patio door clad with a rich wood interior and accented with a vintage grid pattern. Patio Doors can slide open and shut to save space, or they can open inward or outward.

When considering patio doors for replacement or new construction, you will want to take the opportunity to find just the right door for your particular home and space.