San Diego Windows

Your home is your biggest investment, and keeping it in good condition can pay off in energy savings and resale value. Your windows may be the original equipment that was provided when it was built. After a number of years, the settling of the home and normal wear-and-tear can cause windows to degrade and separate. Replacement windows can restore good looks and proper function to your home.

Choosing Replacement Windows

Today, homeowners have many options from which to choose for their window replacement. Many different materials are available, as well as a choice of special features that can make their homes more energy efficient. Choosing the right windows for your needs includes decisions about style, initial costs, maintenance needs, repair costs and efficiency features.

Wood Windows

Your home may have always had wood windows. Wood provides an elegant, classic look to homes that many people prefer. However, wood windows may require more maintenance than other types of replacement windows. They can be repainted or re-stained. They last for many years, but they are also vulnerable to damage from termites. Learn More >>

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is a good choice for residential windows for many reasons. They provide a clean, sleek look for home exteriors. They come in a variety of colors to match the home’s color can be made to match any home style. They are inexpensive and last for years. They resist rotting, cracking, insect damage and extreme weather. For replacement windows, aluminum is cost-effective, versatile and requires little maintenance. Learn More >>

Vinyl Windows

For best value, vinyl replacement windows can’t be beat. These windows are made primarily of polyvinyl chloride, a tough yet flexible plastic that lasts for years and requires little maintenance to retain its good appearance. Vinyl windows provide a high level of insulation to help keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. Vinyl windows help homeowners save on energy throughout the year. They are also impervious to insect damage and help to reduce noise from the street. Learn More >>

Fiberglass Windows

Many homeowners may not have heard of fiberglass windows, which are made by pulling fiberglass strands that are treated with resin through a heated die. This process produces a tough, durable material that will not rot, warp, corrode or react to temperature extremes. Fiberglass windows are low maintenance and can be made in a variety of colors to provide an attractive appearance with superior thermal performance. Learn More >>