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Replacing your windows and doors can be exciting. It can give your home an updated look and improved curb appeal,

increased energy efficiency, and better overall safety. It is an investment that will be serving your home and family for years to come.

Choosing and installing your replacement windows and doors requires forethought and planning to ensure

you are happy with your investment.

Why Should I Consider A Window Replacement?

If your home lacks curb appeal or you are noticing drafts, those are two very good reasons to start thinking about a window replacement. Also, you can complete a home upgrade, giving it a finished look, by updating your windows.

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outside home

Cost Vs. Value - When Saving Money Ends Up Costing Money

Budget windows and doors can end up costing you money. Here’s why. First, they are often not as energy efficient as their higher quality counterparts, increasing your heating and cooling bill. They often are not made of high-grade materials so they may warp or leak. Low-cost windows and doors also may not be rated for your climate, again costing you money. On the other hand, quality windows and doors, purchased from a reputable dealer, can offer you years and years of peace of mind. Can you really put a price on that?

Reasons to Replace

Professional window and door replacement is the number one service at Newman Windows and Doors. Call us today to schedule a FREE in-home discovery session and estimate with one of our window and door experts. This discovery session has no obligation other than to make sure that all of your window and door replacement questions are answered.


Isn’t that the real question?

As a window replacement business, it’s no surprise that we do not recommend taking on your own window or door DIY project. But what might surprise you is the reason behind our recommendation. We work with customers regularly who have made an excellent attempt at installing their own replacement windows or doors only to realize that they need help. This ends up costing homeowners more money, taking even more time away from their busy lives, and mars the fulfillment of your home remodel. We want you to feel joy, peace, and an overwhelming sense of beauty when you look at your windows and doors, plus we want to spare your budget.
Will You Really Save Time and Money?

Initially, it may seem like the clear, budget-saving choice is to take a quick measure and head to a big box hardware store to purchase your replacement windows or doors.

Here are a few reasons we ask you to simply think twice before going this route.

  • When you DIY, the installation is never guaranteed. If the window breaks, does not fit properly, is damaged on installation, or leaks afterward, this problem falls upon you, the homeowner, to repair. Also, in order for your window or door to maintain its manufacturer warranty, you will need to be sure to follow their instructions implicitly.
  • Do you have the proper tools? Without the proper tools, you could damage your window or door, your siding or trim, your floors, or your walls.
  • Do you have unusual sized or shaped windows?
  • Do you know what to do when you face challenges? A master installer has seen it all and knows how to maneuver whatever is thrown their way. They also guarantee their work so even if something unexpected happens, they will solve the issue and see the job to completion.
  • What will happen if you discover a leak after installation? Professional installers guarantee their work and will come to fix the issue, leaving everything as good as new.

Consider This

If you are wavering at all on your own ability, this is a great time to contact one of our window and door experts. Oftentimes, professional installation is no more expensive than the DIY options.

Newman Windows and Doors offers quality window and door replacement at an affordable price with an added bonus: Peace of mind.

If you are tired of your old windows and doors or you’re looking for a company that can provide a top-quality product, service, and installation at the best price — look no further!

Why Newman?

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Here at Newman Windows and Doors, we have been replacing windows and doors in San Diego since 1993. We realize that you have a choice when it comes to window and door replacement companies. You may be asking yourself why you should choose us; the reason more than 60 percent of our business comes from repeat or referral business is that we take great pride in taking care of our customers. Since 1993, we’ve learned what it takes to earn and keep over 25,000 customers’ business.

As a family-owned company with an outstanding reputation, you can trust that Newman Windows and Doors will deliver the superior customer service you should expect; and we will be around long after the job to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have awards upon awards that validate the good job we’re doing although we consider each customer’s own perception as our only measurement.

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