Replacing Windows in an Old House

Replacing Windows in an Old House

Replacing windows in an old house is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency while increasing your property value. Regardless of the size and character of your home, replacing windows in an old house allows you to enhance the look and feel of your property in a cost effective way. Before getting started, choose an experienced window installation service that can recommend the best materials and glass technology to suit the design and character of your home. Whether you’re installing modern floor to ceiling windows or adding an energy-efficient glass sliding door, Newman Windows and Doors offers the best in window materials, installation, and design service.

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Why Replace Windows in an Old House?

Contemporary windows offer much more than just an updated look; they also provide increased energy efficiency, a reduction in harmful sunlight that can fade interiors, enhanced safety, and better protection against leaks and storms. And today’s window designs come in a huge variety of options; there are several solutions that can complement the character of your property while offering additional benefits. By replacing windows in an old house, you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Better security
  • Protection against rain, damp, humidity and bright light
  • Earthquake and fire resilience
  • Updated property look and feel
  • Reduced noise
  • Improved air flow

In fact, replacing windows in an old house can instantly enhance your return on investment when it comes to resale and property evaluation.

Improving Energy Efficiency in an Old House

Anyone who has lived in or owned an older home knows that heating and cooling costs can be a challenge. The latest in glass and framing technology helps to reduce drafts, limit heat transfer, and improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. Newman Windows and Doors offers multi-layered pane technology, the latest sealing and fitting technologies, and enhanced material durability to ensure that replacing windows in your old house delivers a robust return on investment. Keep in mind that replacement windows and doors must be installed properly in order to pay off. Make sure to discuss your window installation process with your project team; they will provide suggestions and ideas to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

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Increase Light & Efficiency with Picture Windows in an Old House

Picture windows are an ideal solution for an old house with unique designs and character elements. They offer the highest energy efficiency and offer amazing access to natural light. While picture windows may have a modern look, they can easily enhance a more traditional design. By offering uninhibited views, floor to ceiling mounting, and elegant aluminum frames, picture windows can be a perfect solution to update the look and functionality of an old house.

Replacing Specialty Windows in an Old House

Our expert team can create almost any size and shape of window to suit your old house. Whether you have a small attic window, a unique glass door feature, or an odd-size window pane to replace in your home, Newman Windows and Doors can provide a customized solution that enhances the beauty and security of your home.

Update Your Old Home With Casement Windows or Awnings

Today’s market offers a huge range of window shapes, opening styles, and frames. Casement windows are a fantastic solution for updating an old house as they provide a contemporary, wide-open view while allowing for improved ventilation. Small rooms can benefit from a casement window as they help to bring light into narrow spaces.

Awning windows are another aesthetic option to update your old house. While bringing modern design and versatility, they can be easily paired with stationary windows to allow for improved air flow. They are an excellent option for updating the kitchen, bathroom, or basement in an old home.

Celebrate the Character of Your Home with Horizontal Slider Replacement Windows

Horizontal slider windows are another popular choice when replacing windows in an old house. Horizontal slider windows open from either side and can be easily designed for a wide range of styles and sizes. Sliders are popular in bedrooms and rooms that face outdoor living and walking areas. Horizontal windows come in a wide range of glass and frame types, making them easy to pair with almost any home style.

Add Charm and Functionality with Single Hung & Double Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows offer a classic solution for replacing windows in an old house. They can open from either the top or the bottom and do not protrude from the frame. There are countless variations of both single and double-hung windows that can be tailored to match the style of your house. And the latest designs include tilting capabilities to support easy cleaning and maintenance.

Enhance Beauty and Functionality with Glass Sliding Doors

If your home has old sliding doors that are loose, hard to move, or are damaged, it’s time to replace them! Warped and damaged sliding glass doors are not only an annoyance, they can be a safety and security risk. Newman Windows and Doors provides a range of beautiful and functional glass doors that will complement the character and functionality of your open. From traditional French doors to contemporary bi-fold solutions, today’s glass door options will instantly increase the value and security of your home.

Aluminum or Vinyl Window Frames versus Traditional Wood

Your old house may have been built with wooden window frames, however today’s aluminum and vinyl options are more secure, cost effective, and easier to maintain. Aluminum and vinyl windows are also resistant to cracking and warping which gives them a longer life. Aluminum frames can be powder-coated to match any shade, allowing them to enhance and complement the look of your property. Aluminum is also unaffected by UV rays or extreme heat, making them an ideal option for warmer climates.

Expert Installation Techniques for Replacing Windows

At Newman Windows and Doors we know that each home is unique. We take careful measurements to account for any sagging or uneven angles while addressing gaps, cracks or other structural elements that will impact the sealing on your window installation. To ensure that your new windows are appropriately fitted to your old property, work with a trusted window installer with more than twenty years in the industry.