The Community of Tierrasanta California

The town of Tierrasanta, California, is situated in San Diego County. Its location offers access to beaches, as well as great shopping. There are also several schools located in the area. The community council consists of members from the public, which works closely with local businesses to maintain and improve the community.


Community council

This is not the type of organization that you will see at a cocktail party. Rather it is one of the many civic organizations that serve the community. The most important is the City Council, which is the city's elected officials. Other notable organizations include the Tierrasanta Chamber of Commerce, the City's Parks and Recreation Department, the city's library, the equestrians and the eagles. The list goes on and on. There are also other lesser known organizations, which are not for the faint of heart. The best of the bunch are the ones that actually serve the community. Among its many branches, there is one that has been in existence for over three decades.

Firestorm 2003

Firestorm 2003 was one of the largest and most destructive fires to ever hit Southern California. The firestorm was fueled by a combination of numerous wildfires. In the first 24 hours alone, the fire killed 13 people and burned more than 200,000 acres.

Firestorm 2003 was the result of three huge wildfires that erupted throughout San Diego County. These included the Cedar Fire, the Paradise Fire and the Santa Ana Fire. Combined, they burned over 280,000 acres, destroying more than 2,400 homes and killing 15 people.

The firestorm also displaced half a million people. Most of these were forced to flee into the homes of friends or into hotels. Some lost power and telephone service. Many were trapped in cars as winds gusted up to 97 kilometers per hour. The firestorm affected an area larger than Los Angeles and lasted for a week.

The Cedar Fire was the largest and most destructive fire to ever burn in California. It started in the Cleveland National Forest. The fire eventually spread across San Diego County, consuming more than 400,000 acres.

Schools in Tierrasanta

The Tierra Santa California schools offer a safe and comfortable environment for your children to learn. Whether they are enrolled in kindergarten, fifth grade or high school, they will benefit from all the activities, programs and resources provided by the school.

The Tierra Santa California schools provide a positive learning environment that promotes core values, such as kindness and respect. They also help prepare students to be productive members of society.

The Tierra Santa California schools are part of the San Diego Unified School District. They serve about fifty two hundred K – five students. The majority of students are Hispanic. They have a 25:1 student/teacher ratio. They have a very active principal who is always engaged in the classroom. They have a good PTA and offer tons of afterschool activities.

When you visit the campus, you must bring a photo identification. If your child is entering the school for the first time, you must bring a physician's statement or a health care provider's written statement of immunizations.

Location of Tierrasanta in San Diego

Originally part of the Mission San Diego de Alcala ranch, the community of Tierra Santa in San Diego, California was developed in the late 1970s. Today, Tierrasanta is a diverse neighborhood that is located close to Interstate 15.

Tierrasanta is bounded on the north by the Mount Soledad (52) Freeway, on the west by slopes overlooking the Interstate 15 corridor, on the south by the Admiral Baker Golf Course, and on the east by Mission Trails Regional Park. Despite its proximity to downtown, the neighborhood maintains a quiet, rural feel.

The community of Tierra Santa was one of the first in the San Diego area to be developed as a master plan. It is comprised of single family homes, condominiums, and apartments. A majority of the population of the area are owner-occupied.

The area was previously a military training base. After World War II, the U.S. Navy took over the base, which was deactivated in 1946. In 1983, two young boys found unexploded ordnance in the area. These incidents resulted in a number of cleanup efforts by different branches of the services.

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