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2022 Window Trends: What to Expect in the Year Ahead

Housing trends come and go, but some styles have lasting power to span years or even decades, and the window trends of 2022 certainly fit into the category of longevity. These window trends are settling in to stick around a while, from natural light to window seats to state-of-the-art locking systems. These window trends have true staying power. 

You'll Love These 2022 Window Trends


You've heard the saying “less is more,” but the more you have, the better! 

Natural light – If you've watched even just one show on HGTV, you know that natural light is one of the most coveted features of a home. Windows are the most natural way to add natural light to any room. 

Bring the outdoors inside – During the pandemic and as we are now walking through the recovery, humanity was longing for fresh air and the great outdoors. Both design and decor trends lean toward the coziness of nature indoors. It's turned into a style that has deep roots that don't seem to be changing any time soon. 

Window walls – Entire walls of glass are on a strong upward trend, from pairing several windows to create the illusion of a wall of windows or actually turning entire walls into doors that can open and extend your living area. 

The common theme here is windows, windows, windows, and light, light, light. You really can't have too much of either. 

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Although the farmhouse trend is waning, black windows are still hot! Black frames add a bold elegance and sophistication that fits any home, from rustic cabin to modern villa. Accentuate your black frames by keeping the surroundings minimal and clean. This will make them stand out more and give them the bold attention they deserve.


Window seats are as popular as they are versatile. Use them for additional seating, a homework station, or a shelf for house plants. 

Family space – Window seats can be used as a cozy reading nook or an area to play board games and hang out as a family. 

Added seating – When company comes, no need to drag out the folding chairs when you have a lovely window seat waiting. 

Light & cozy – Window seats are a relaxing place to hang out with lots of natural light and a view of the outdoors. 


With the popularity of natural light, finding places to add windows to let more sunshine in can get creative. Sidelights are a very common way to add light to your entry. Sidelights are small rectangular windows placed directly next to your existing entry door. They can open to allow fresh air in while being small enough not to allow unwanted visitors access. This gives you the opportunity to keep your doors locked for safety while still contributing to the airflow in the house. 

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Counter windows are just plain fun. These creative spaces typically open from the kitchen to an outdoor living area or even an outdoor kitchen. As outdoor living spaces are increasing in popularity, so are counter windows for their functionality as well as the whimsy they add to a home. 

Counter windows serve as a pass-through and are a way to open your house to the outside. One great aspect of counter windows is that they can typically be installed where there are existing windows making the job a little less daunting. 


With safety being increasingly at the forefront of every homeowner's mind, multipoint locking systems are a vital part of any new window or door option. Milgard has come up with a multipoint locking system that easily locks the door into the frame at several points, making it very difficult for an unwanted guest to gain access. 


Similar to letting the outside in by including ample windows in your home, bring your window coverings back to nature with natural colors and fabrics, including reed and woodgrain shades.

Smart tech & automation, even for your window coverings – motorized shades provide automatic privacy and protection from UV rays.

If you're looking to upgrade or update your home, these ideas are as time-tested as they are trendy. Although no one can replace their windows every time a new trend comes around, updating the look of your house by adding sidelights or counter windows never goes out of style. And you can never go wrong with adding more windows for natural light. 

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