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professional window installation Newman windows

7 Reasons Why Windows Need Professional Installation

As professional window installation specialists, we are often asked about the importance of professional installation. Our answer? It’s all in the details. That’s why we’ve made professional window installation a part of the Newman Signature Experience. Our InstallationMasters™ Certified Installers are skilled in all parts of window installation, holding all of the standards of Newman …

what is tempered glass | Newman windows

How Tempered Glass is Different from Other Glass Options

When it comes time to explore all the options available for your construction project, there may be one detail that could slip through… the type of glass you’ll use. We have a few compelling reasons to choose tempered glass.  Tempered glass is different from other types of glass available in the market, primarily because it’s …

Why The Decision Between Subcontractors and Employees Really Matters

When you hire a dedicated window and door company, you might not think much about who is doing the work. After all, you shook hands with Larry and he seems like a standup guy. Other company employees are doing the installation, right? In some cases, you could be wrong. The company you hire for your …

Factoring the Average Cost for Replacing Interior Doors

Are your doors showing signs of age? Or maybe they’re just looking dated. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about your doors. When you replace an entry door, the fresh, new look can give your entire home a facelift. And you might be surprised at how much the …

10 Smart & Affordable Home Renovations Using Your Tax Return

When you’re getting money back from the IRS, tax day is the adult equivalent of Christmas morning. By the time the check comes, we’ve already decided how we’re going to spend it. One year, it may be a vacation and another may be dedicated to something more responsible, like paying bills. This year, consider some …

Energy-Efficient Homes of the Past, Present, and Future

Had you asked homeowners even twenty years ago what their “must-have” items were, energy efficiency homes probably wouldn’t have crossed many lips. Partially, this was due to lack of knowledge. Without the technology and ease of sharing information (ahem, the internet), many people didn’t realize how much energy was being wasted in their home, how …

NARI’s Networking Mixer at our Office

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is a national association with chapters throughout the Unites States. NARI’s mission is to help promote professionalism within the home remodeling industry. The association is made up of local contractors, subcontractors and other trades people working in the remodeling industry who gain valuable knowledge and networking opportunities …

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