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Debunking Myths: Composite vs. Vinyl Windows

Are you considering new windows for your home but feeling overwhelmed by the debate between composite and vinyl options? You're not alone. In this video, we'll break down the myths and truths surrounding these two popular window materials.

Myth #1: Composite & Vinyl Windows are the Same Price

Composite windows do have their advantages, but they come with a hefty price tag, typically three to four times more expensive than vinyl windows. However, this cost may not always be justified. 

Investing in high-quality vinyl windows can be a smart choice if you live in a mild climate like Southern California and don't plan on painting your windows.

Myth #2: Vinyl Isn't Strong Enough

Another myth surrounding vinyl windows is their perceived lack of strength. In reality, modern vinyl windows are quite durable. They feature heat-fusion vinyl-welded corners and can withstand up to 850 pounds of pressure. 

This strength is more than sufficient for most homeowners, even in regions with fluctuating temperatures and sun exposure.

Myth #3: Limited Color Options for Vinyl Windows

Some people believe that vinyl windows lack variety when it comes to color options. However, vinyl window manufacturers have evolved over the years. Today, you can choose from seven or eight standard colors for the exterior of your house. 

These options complement various color schemes, so don't let color concerns unnecessarily push you toward composite windows.

Myth #4: Vinyl Windows Don't Last Long Compared to Composite

The longevity of vinyl windows is often questioned due to their early history when the materials used were less reliable. However, advancements in vinyl window technology have drastically improved their durability. Vinyl windows installed 30 years ago are still going strong and are backed by warranties from both the manufacturer and installers, making them a reliable choice for your home.

Vinyl Windows Are a Good Choice

In conclusion, don't dismiss vinyl windows based on common misconceptions. They are a cost-effective and durable option for many homeowners, offering strength, color variety, and longevity. 

To make an informed decision, consider your needs and climate conditions when choosing composite and vinyl windows.

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