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The Newman Way: Let’s Talk Values

Are you considering a home improvement project involving windows and doors? If so, you'll want to learn more about The Newman Way and its core values.

In this video, Duncan dives into Newman Windows & Door's key principles: tenure, in-depth knowledge, exceptional teamwork, and remarkable consistency; they're The Newman Way.

Long Tenure for a Better Experience

First on the list is tenure, and it's a big deal.

When you engage with a company, knowing they have a team with years of experience is reassuring. Low turnover rates mean that employees aren't constantly being replaced, directly impacting your experience.

In the case of Newman, we proudly boast employees who have been part of the team for an impressive 29, 25, 20, 17, 16, and 19 years. This wealth of experience is invaluable and contributes to the overall quality of service you can expect.

In-Depth Knowledge for Informed Choices

The depth of knowledge possessed by employees at Newman is truly remarkable. When someone has spent nearly three decades with a company, they accumulate a library of information at their fingertips. This knowledge doesn't stay locked away; it trickles down through every department in the company. This wealth of experience ensures that the team is well-prepared to handle any situation, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

Exceptional Teamwork for a Seamless Experience

Home improvement projects, especially those involving windows and doors, come with many moving parts and decisions. From the initial sales consultation to picking the right colors, shapes, sizes, and operation, teamwork is crucial.

Newman takes pride in their commitment to the customer experience and emphasizes the importance of following through on our promises. Our team members are dedicated to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. This dedication translates into an exceptional experience for you, the homeowner.

Remarkable Consistency Over 30 Years

Lastly, Duncan talks about the significance of consistency throughout the entire home improvement journey.

People often focus on the before and after but need to remember the during. Newman, with 30 years of experience under our belt, understands the importance of consistency. Our tenured employees, deep knowledge, and consistent approach create an entirely different experience for homeowners.

This, is the essence of The Newman Way.

Conclusion: A Passionate Commitment

In wrapping up the video, Duncan reiterates the company's passion for what they do and our dedication to educating our customers. We want you to make the best possible decisions for you and your family regarding home improvements.

To learn more about the Newman Way and how they can help you, visit their website at

The Newman Way is about tenure, knowledge, teamwork, and consistency, providing homeowners with a level of confidence and quality that's hard to find elsewhere in the home improvement industry. So, if you're planning a project, consider the Newman Windows & Doors as your trusted partner.

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