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5 Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas

If you own a home and want to cut your electricity bills, you should consider your windows. Think about it, in the summer, you bring in plenty of unwanted heat if you don’t cover up. On the other hand, in the winter, you can keep the warm air in the house with the right treatments. […]

How to Care for Wood Windows and Doors

The secret to helping wooden doors and windows last for years on end is a combination of proper care and maintenance. The elements can have harsh effects on wooden doors and windows, and without adequate maintenance, they can sustain significant damage in a relatively short period of time. These are a few tips you can […]

Aspects to Consider When Buying New Windows

Whether it’s because you want to or because you have to, replacing your old windows can make any home look beautiful. However, new windows are a big investment. It’s important to know some key aspects of buying replacement windows before shopping for them. Materials The most popular materials for new windows are vinyl, wood and […]

How to Stop Drafts From Entering Doors & Windows

Drafts can make a home very uncomfortable. They also reduce efficiency and can increase energy use. Aging or damaged doors and windows are two of the main sources of drafts in a home. There are several ways to stop drafts from entering through doors and windows. Add Weatherstripping Weatherstripping can help to stop drafts fast. […]

How to Replace a Window Screen

Window screens get damaged all the time. They often get cut or punctured, and over time they will wear out and tear. In addition, the frame could be damaged if something hits the window or if a bad storm blows the screen off the window. Fortunately, replacing a window screen is an easy and inexpensive […]

How to Repair/Restore Wood Window Frames

New and old-fashioned homes have wood structures that need proper restoration. It is hard to promote the charm and appeal of a house that contains rotting wood. Fix this damage right away before it falls apart altogether. Know the best ways that you can restore wood window frames. First, get rid of the existing paint […]

Fiberglass vs Vinyl Windows

If you need to install new windows in your home, you have a lot of different options to choose from. However, you should not take these options lightly. Windows do not just improve the look of your home; they can also provide great insulation. Vinyl window and fiberglass windows are two of the most popular […]

How To Install a Window

Installing a window isn’t simple but it is something you can do on your own. Here are the basic steps to installing a new window: First, we need to find out what’s behind the wall before we knock a hole in it. Walls can hide anything from plumbing pipes to electrical wires. If these needful […]

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Spring and Summer

Many homeowners take a number of steps to prepare their home for the cold winter weather, such as servicing their heater and sweeping their chimney. As the cold winter months transition into the warmer spring season, homeowners once again may take a closer look at their property to take steps to prepare for warmer weather. […]

When Should I Replace the Windows in my Home?

The windows in your home do more than give you a view of the outdoors. They form a barrier between you and the elements. Sometimes you can maintain this barrier with simple window maintenance and repairs. Other times replacement of one or more of your windows is the only option. How do homeowners determine when […]

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