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Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Home

Spring time can give you the urge to open the windows and re-decorate. You may even get the urge to make some functional remodeling efforts this year. To get the look from both the inside and the outside, focus on changes to your windows and doors. By detailing your doors and windows, you can create […]

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Windows are the one of the most important parts of any home. When effectively used, the right windows can help make any room feel light and airy and charming and cozy. Windows can also be enhanced with the use of effective window treatments. A good window treatment will work well with your existing color scheme, […]

How to Clean Your Blinds

It is almost that time again. Time for spring cleaning. When beginning your spring cleaning checklist, do not forget to ass this one thing: cleaning the window blinds. It is not any fun and it does have to be done but it does not have to be difficult. Since *most* blinds are commonly white, we […]

New Windows Can Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Windows are an essential component in any home. They provide the home with light, ventilation and warmth. However, if your windows are old, they are probably also costing you a good deal of money each month. This is because they can be energy hogs. Getting new windows installed in your home can improve the light, […]

The Recipe for Streak Free Windows

The absence of streaks can lead to storm clouds of frustration. This simple desire for home windows has caused frustration for generations. By following these simple suggestions, the aggravation can be taken out of the quest for streak free windows. Professional Tool The magic wand that the professionals use is the squeegee. This versatile tool […]

How To Prevent Your Windows From Leaking Heat

Even though it’s another warm and sunny day in Southern California, winter is right around the corner. In order to make sure your home is prepared for much cooler temperatures, we’re going to discuss how to make sure your windows are the perfect barrier between the cold outside air and your cozy, heated home. Beyond […]

Home Upgrades to Help Battle the Summer Heat

Your home should be a comfortable and relaxing retreat that you can rejuvenate from long days at work. However, if you come home to an extremely hot house, you may find yourself more comfortable at your desk at work than in the privacy of your overheated home. While air conditioning is a helpful option, it’s […]

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