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Replacing Windows in Orange County

Homeowners whose current windows are old-fashioned and whose age causes them to stick, sag or create unwanted drafts can benefit from a more comfortable home environment by investing in Orange County CA replacement windows. There are numerous benefits to installing new replacement windows Orange County CA, including better insulation during California's chillier winter months, improved energy efficiency during those hot and sunny summer days, better curb appeal to make a home look more attractive when it's time to place it on the market, along with increased home security and noise protection from sources outside the home.

There is a wide selection of quality replacement windows Orange County CA homeowners can choose from, so it's a good idea to know a bit about the different styles in order to invest in the best choice. Single Hung Windows are among the most popular and feature a single fixed pane at the top and a bottom pane that can slide up and down to allow ventilation into the room when desired. This style is a great choice for smaller rooms in the home such as bathrooms and guest bedrooms or other areas where space is limited.

Double Hung Windows feature a panel that allows ventilation to come in from the top pane only and offers a stationary non-moveable bottom pane, making it a popular choice for children's bedrooms because it allows for plenty of natural light and ventilation without creating an unsafe exit point for children to crawl out or burglars to crawl in. For homes facing gardens, ocean views or other fabulous Southern California vistas, Picture Windows provide the perfect Orange County CA replacement windows because they offer an unobstructed view. Foyers, living rooms and dining rooms are the most popular locations for this type of replacement window.

Unlike Picture Windows which cannot be opened to provide ventilation, Bay Windows are the style to choose if you want the option of opening the side panels for allowing some fresh air occasionally into the room. For maximum ventilation as well as superior visibility, Slider Windows allow maximum light into the room, unlimited visibility of the outdoors and are very easy to maneuver.

If the window needs to be positioned in a hard-to-reach place in the home, choose Casement Windows which are opened via crank rather than sliding up and down. These provide both light and ventilation for laundry and mud rooms as well as kitchens. For rooms where a bit more privacy is desired, such as bedrooms and patios, choose an Awning Window, a type of replacement window installed above a door to allow free air movement and plenty of natural light without allowing others to see inside.

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