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The Recipe for Streak Free Windows

The absence of streaks can lead to storm clouds of frustration. This simple desire for home windows has caused frustration for generations. By following these simple suggestions, the aggravation can be taken out of the quest for streak free windows.

Professional Tool
The magic wand that the professionals use is the squeegee. This versatile tool is characterized by a distinctive rubber blade. This allows for grit to be efficiently removed with the cleaning solution. An trade secret is for the person to tap the squeegee on an already wet portion of the window being cleaned. The removal of excess fluid guarantees a streak free surface. Handles come in varying lengths to assist in those hard to reach locations.

The Solution is in the Solution
This is not a riddle that the ancients have proposed to stump future generations. The fact is that the fluid that is chosen goes a long way to achieving that streak free shine. Basic household staples have a long established history of success in cleaning glass. The following are just a few examples to use that might be already in your home.

  • Soap and Water
  • Black Tea
  • Vinegar
  • Assorted Household Cleaners

Circumventing alphabetical order only emphasizes the tradition that good old soap and water has in the household. Many generations have tackled this chore with this staple. Follow it by wiping the window with some waded up newspaper and viola no more streaks.

A cup of extra strong black tea in a spray bottle is a more recent revelation. The chemical actions that take place are similar to vinegar for cleaning glass. A variety of commercial household cleaners like Windex can give the same results and impart a pleasant scent. A word of caution is prudent for some chemicals like ammonia. Although it will perform this task, some assemblies are constructed of materials that are vulnerable to harsher chemicals. Always consult with the manufacturer before going the extra strength route.

Advantage of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows offer a degree of access that their traditional counterparts do not offer. With a few quick motions, vinyl replacement windows effortlessly tilt to easily reach every angle. A few quick snaps and the window is secured back in place.

A lint free cleaning material, materials around the home, and the purchase of a squeegee are all the materials one requires for streak free glass. The home will take on new life once age defining streaks are eliminated from your windows.

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