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How to Paint French Doors: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Paint French Doors: Step-by-Step Guide

A DIY guide to ooh la la results to painting your French door.

Step One: Take Down the Door

Before you begin painting your French door, you must remove it from the hinges. By doing this, you're able to keep the doors steady while you are working, which will help you get to all the muntins found within the panes. Then, grab a plastic sheet and place it down on the area that you are painting.

Step Two: Prepare the Area

During this step, you should start by taking off any all hardware from the door. This includes the handles and hinges. If you notice any holes or scratches in your french door, use some wood putty to fill them in. As soon as the putty dries, take sandpaper and go over any bumps that you see. Then, blend that putty in with the wood. You must also remove any paint dust that may have formed over time with a damp cloth. Once you're done preparing the area, tape off the glass panes using painter's tape. This will ensure that you don't get any paint on the glass. There should be a small gap between the tape and wood, so keep roughly 1/16-inch of glass left open.

Step Three: Prime the Door

Before you paint French door, you must put down a layer of primer. You should paint the French door in long strokes, making sure to go along the direction of the wood. If there are vertical sections, go up and down. For any horizontal pieces, go sideways. Once again, allow the paint to make its way into that 1/16-inch gap located in the middle of the muntin and tape. That's because this will help keep the glass in place and stop air leaks from occurring. For darker paint colors, you may need to put down two coats of primer.

Step Four: Paint Your Door

Once the primer is dry, it's time to paint French door with the color you selected. You should use the same painting technique that you used for the primer coat. When that first coat of paint is dry, put down another one. Also, apply a weatherproof sealant on the French doors that are located outside. This sealant will help prevent your paint color from fading due to the sun, rain and snow.

Step Five: Finish the Task

After the paint and sealer are completely dry, put back all the hardware you removed earlier. Then, take off the painter's tape that you placed onto the glass. Look over your work and see if any area needs to be fixed. If so, touch it up. When you're happy with your painting job, put the French doors back where they belong.

Please note: This post is for informational purposes only and results may vary. Please contact a professional/specialist to discuss your project in more detail. Simply, that is how to paint French doors. Learn about all the benefits that French doors give your home.

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