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7 Reasons Why Windows Need Professional Installation

As professional window installation specialists, we are often asked about the importance of professional installation. Our answer? It's all in the details. That's why we've made professional window installation a part of the Newman Signature Experience.

Our InstallationMasters™ Certified Installers are skilled in all parts of window installation, holding all of the standards of Newman Windows and Doors. We handle the details. You get peace of mind.

Why Professional Window Installation?

Every home is different. Replacing a window isn't simply about installing a standard-sized window in an existing opening in the wall. It's all about expertly fitting YOUR particular window into YOUR house, which is what sets us apart from the competition.

We recommend professional installation because it ensures that your windows are installed correctly and professionally for optimal performance.

Here are seven reasons why you should have windows professionally installed on your home or office building.

1. Quality Materials

A professional installation provides windows that were manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards. Sure, you may be able to find a cheaper product elsewhere and install it yourself, but do you have the assurance of quality that you won’t need to replace the windows again in the near future?

From the quality of the glass to the mechanics of the locks, your peace of mind depends on knowing that the windows you install will provide safety and comfort for your family for years to come. 

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2. Turn-Key Process

Professional window installation ensures a turn-key process, which means you get all of the products and services necessary for your project in one place without any hassle. Our professional installers have the experience to make the process simple from start to finish. All you need to do is provide access to your home at the allotted time and they will take care of the rest, leaving your home better than they found it! 

3. The Right Tools

Professional window installers have the right tools to install your windows correctly, making installation easier and more professional. In addition, tools are specially designed for installing replacement windows into an existing wall opening. 

So often, when we try to DIY a complex home improvement project, it ends up being more expensive because you need to buy tools you won’t be needing again, or you have to rent tools you aren’t sure how to use. 

Our installers have the tools and the know-how to get the job done. 

4. The Right Fit

There should be no gaps or spaces between the frame/window and the existing wall opening when professional window installation is done correctly. Windows should be leveled properly to ensure lasting functionality to prevent drafts or cold spots in your home when winter comes around again; professional installation ensures that you will get the right fit for maximum energy efficiency.

Picture windows need to be hung straight and true. Double-hung and casement windows must be square to function correctly. If your window is an egress window or requires specialty tempered glass, they have the knowledge to make sure everything is safely and properly installed. 

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5. Quality Workmanship

Professional window installers have many years of professional experience. They are skilled in all parts of the process, keeping everything tight and secure with professional craftsmanship that is unmatched by DIY homeowners or amateur contractors.

Learn more about The Newman Signature Experience >>

6. Peace Of Mind

You get professional window installation for reliable performance throughout the life of your new windows. In addition, you can trust that professional installers will perform their work with care, making sure you have a quality job to last years to come and help reduce utility bills each month.

7. Lifetime Warranty

Your professional window installation is backed by a lifetime warranty.

So, if you want quality replacement windows installed correctly and professionally every time with the best warranties in the industry, then professional window installation is definitely for you!

By choosing professional window installation services from Newman Windows & Doors, we ensure that your project will be handled efficiently and professionally from start to finish.

Our InstallationMasters™ Certified Installers are skilled in all parts of professional window installation, upholding all the standards of Newman Windows & Doors. We handle the details so you can relax knowing your project is being completed by a professional team that will do it right every time!

And remember, if you need professional window installation in Southern California and surrounding areas our team of experts is here to help with your project.

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