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10 Smart & Affordable Home Renovations Using Your Tax Return

10 Smart & Affordable Home Renovations Using Your Tax Return

When you’re getting money back from the IRS, tax day is the adult equivalent of Christmas morning. By the time the check comes, we’ve already decided how we’re going to spend it. One year, it may be a vacation and another may be dedicated to something more responsible, like paying bills. This year, consider some budget-friendly upgrades that can improve the look, and maybe even value, of your home. These smart and affordable renovations will help you make the most out of every dollar you get back from Uncle Sam.

  1. Window replacementWindow replacement is a common after-tax project. It’s so common, in fact, that many companies will offer tax time deals and rebates as an incentive. But on top of this, there are other rewards. If your windows are old, you may be losing heat or air conditioning through their panes. Bottom line: if you sit by your windows and feel a draft, it’s time for this renovation. And if you’re stuck on which type of window to choose for your space, take a look at this replacement windows buying guide for some tips.
  2. Add a ceiling medallion – Custom elements can really elevate your décor and give your home more of a luxurious look. But these days, ceiling medallions don’t have to be custom made. Many companies create stock pieces that any contractor can install for a fraction of the cost of custom work.
  3. Resurface kitchen cabinets – If your kitchen cabinets have seen better days and you don’t quite have the budget for a complete remodel, resurfacing is a great alternative. If you have the time and energy, you can take on this project yourself with the right paint and crown molding. But if you don’t trust yourself to take a paintbrush to the cabinets, you can always hire a professional.
  4. Re-caulk bathroom tile – Sometimes, the simplest things have the greatest impact on a room. Re-caulking tile falls into this category. Over time, grime and mildew set into the bathroom caulk and even the slickest elbow grease is no match. If your bathroom has gotten to this point, it’s time to re-caulk. When you’re done, your tile will look new again.
  5. Power wash the deck – Especially if your deck is shaded by trees, it can collect quite a bit of dirt, making it look years older than it really is. But you can turn back the hands of time and have your deck looking like new in no time with a good power wash.
  6. Install a kitchen backsplash – The kitchen backsplash offers homeowners a way to add personality to your kitchen while giving it an upgraded look. This can be a DIY project that wouldn’t take more than an afternoon to complete, but the results will last for years.
  7. Install a programmable thermostat – If energy efficiency is a concern, installing a programmable thermostat is one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to save money on your energy bill.
  8. Replace kitchen drawer and cabinet hardware – If your drawer and cabinet pulls are dated, worn or basic, this small upgrade can make a big difference. Even if you don’t resurface your cabinets, changing the hardware can alter the entire look of your kitchen.
  9. Install ceiling fans – Ceiling fans can help keep you cool in warm months without stressing the air conditioning. Putting a ceiling fan in every room can save a considerable amount of money over the long summer months.
  10. Install a tankless water heater – Although the installation costs of a tankless water heater are typically higher than their tanked counterparts, you’re likely to see anywhere from 15-40% energy savings when compared to a tank water heater, which will save you money in the long haul.

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