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5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Windows and Doors Company

5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Windows and Doors Company

Have you ever noticed a home that has worn windows and doors? Even if the wear is slight, it really detracts from the home’s overall aesthetic.

Inside, you’ll hear kids playing across the street as if they’re in your living room. And you’ll feel the draft like wind on your face.

Windows are meant to offer protection from the elements and the outside world. But if they’re worn and damaged, they’re not going to do the job.

You’ll end up overspending on energy bills and feeling uncomfortable in your own home.

This is how essential windows and doors are to your home.

And it’s also why you shouldn’t trust just anyone to install them.

There are a few things you’ll get with a dedicated windows and doors company that you simply won’t get with a subcontractor or big box store.

Let’s explore.

Here are five reasons to choose a dedicated windows and doors company

1. You Can Receive Complete Transparency

With a dedicated windows and doors company, you can receive complete transparency throughout the buying and installation process.

Transparency is a natural consequence of buying from experts in the industry. When you buy from contracts, subcontractors or big box stores, you’ll deal with people who handle many types of home improvement projects. This could result in misinformation and misunderstandings. What you really need are dedicated experts in windows and doors to guide you.

2. You Can Avoid Expensive Mistakes

You’ve probably heard that a Jack of All Trades becomes a Master of None. In so many ways, this is true. Only someone who is intimately familiar with an industry will know its ins and outs.

When you select a dedicated windows and doors company, you’ll experience why expertise is important from beginning to end.

The sales expert will know what’s available, including new and cutting-edge products. They’ll also have an intimate understanding of how each product works, so they can recommend the best product for your needs and budget. And finally, they can help you measure correctly to make sure you get the right fit.

What about after you’ve made your selection?

You can expect professional installation from employees rather than subcontractors who should be certified and experts with installing the products you have selected.

What does all this add up to? Precision.

What do you avoid? Expensive repairs or replacements if mistakes are made anywhere along the way.

3. You Can Enjoy Enhanced Safety

You wouldn’t open up your home to just anyone, so don’t choose a company that will send unverified subcontractors to your home. It’s an invasion of privacy and safety that’s completely unnecessary.

When you hire a company that specializes in windows and doors, you can rest easy knowing that they are sending vetted employees into your home. You don’t have to worry about opening your doors to subcontractors who haven’t had a thorough background check.

4. You Can Limit Personal Liability

If you hire a company that uses subcontractors for installations, you could be liable in the event someone gets hurt. It’s not mandatory for subcontractors to be covered under worker’s compensation insurance. And if they aren’t covered, you could be liable. Even something as simple as a slip and fall lawsuit, which can be common with this type of work.

The end result?

It can cost you thousands of dollars.

5. You Can Expect Impeccable Quality

This may well be the best reason to hire a dedicated windows and doors company, although it’s a close race. But for most of us, quality is a major factor in deciding which company to use.

Installation can make or break your windows and/or door installation, so you’re going to want to get this right.

If you choose a dedicated windows and doors company, you can be certain their employees are familiar with the work – because they’ve done it hundreds of times before.

At Newman Windows and Doors, we even go the extra mile to ensure all of our installers are InstallationMasters™ certified.

Not with Newman Windows and Doors.

Do you think you will pay more?

We understand that you’re looking for the best products at the best price. And that’s why we’ll beat any competitor’s pricing on any similar quality product.

There's a level of professionalism that comes with loving what you do. And that's what you'll find from the moment you engage with Newman Windows and Doors. Transparency, safety, and quality workmanship are always at the top of our list.

When you’re ready, call and schedule a NO obligation discovery session with one of our window and door experts.  Explore all of the possibilities you may never have thought of.

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