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Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Hi! Duncan Newman here again for your next Tuesday Tip.

If you've got the existing aluminum windows, you have had them for a while. The thought of taking those windows apart to clean them is enough to put you off. I know because I've spoken to thousands of customers about it. The thought of trying to clean the tracks is an absolute nightmare. So, I will use this display window to show you how easy it is to take these new Milgard vinyl windows apart and clean every part of them. Okay, so I'm going to flip this around; bear with me. Okay, so from inside the house, using the beautiful positive action lock, opens the window. If I tilt this back a little bit and we zoom in, what you'll see up here are anti-lift clips. Those are actually in there on purpose to stop anybody being able to jimmy your window out when it's closed and locked, and that meets the forced entry codes for California. So when you take it over here now, you can lift it take the window sash out, set that down somewhere safe then these beautiful new screens with the grab bar just pull back and push out. That's how easy it is to take your screen out um I'm going to go back a few years. Still, the old screens and the windows were designed for the screen to come out to the inside. Everybody thought they went to the outside which is why you may have been one of those people that's experienced bent frames that never fit again so that's been eliminated now you can also take the track out for cleaning so this track is completely removable this comes out now you have a completely flat surface in the bottom of your window you take a cloth and wipe that out. You're done and then everything goes back in the way it came out and that's how easy it is to clean your windows no more arguing with them for hours on a Saturday very quick. 

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