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Double Pane Windows – Benefits and Options

If you are looking to replace the windows at your home or office, be sure to do plenty of research. Replacement windows are an investment that can pay off if you’re smart with your purchase. 

One detail that doesn’t require much research is the pane depth of your window. When faced with the decision of single pane vs. double, the answer is clear. Double pane windows save energy, reduce noise, and typically last longer. It’s a no-brainer. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of double pane windows for your home and business

What are double pane windows?

Double pane windows or dual pane windows are windows with two glass panes separated by a gas or vacuum space. Higher-end double-pane windows have Argon or other noble gasses as a filler between the window panes, making them an even more energy-efficient option. The use of two panes of glass reduces the amount of heat that is let in from the sunshine and the amount lost through insulation and heat transfer.

Benefits of having double pane windows

The most significant benefit of installing double pane windows is energy savings. Two panes of glass are more effective at preventing heat loss than one pane. Most of these products are made even more helpful with a Low-E coating that can reduce energy loss by as much as half. The coating also helps reduce sun fading of furniture and rugs. 

Noise reduction is another advantage of purchasing double pane windows for a property. This can be especially helpful for people who live on busy streets, near an airport, and those whose homes are close to neighboring houses. No maintenance vinyl frames reduce the amount of work and money a person must spend maintaining their windows

Another valuable benefit to double pane windows is that they are less likely to have the condensation problems that a single pane window would. While that might not seem like a big deal, prolonged condensation can cause mold, which can be toxic and expensive to remove. 

While the cost of double pane windows is a little higher than that of a single pane window, the savings over time makes the investment worth it. Some estimates state that could save 20%-30% on annual heating and cooling costs. If there are single-pane windows, or even older leaky windows, the money spent to either heat or cool the space is quite literally going out the window. 

Options for double pane windows

Double pane windows come in a variety of energy-saving options. The better the Low-E coating and the thicker the glass panes, the more energy a homeowner can save. This savings translates to significantly lower heating and cooling costs and increased money savings. Investing in the beginning is worth it for the windows’ longevity, the decrease in outside noise, and the increased energy savings. 

Windows can also come tinted to help reduce the amount of sunlight that gets into the home if a person wishes. Buyers can choose between vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum frames depending on their individual needs to ensure that they have the perfect fit. 

If you would like more information on double pane windows or would like a free in-home estimate from a certified expert, please fill out our form to the right or contact us today at 877-7-NEWMAN.

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