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Finding the Best Window Replacement Contractor Checklist

Finding the Best Window Replacement Contractor Checklist

Window repairs often take consumers by surprise, even when their homes are well maintained. When faced with this scenario, a person should do everything possible to avoid choosing a contractor in haste. Below is a window replacement contractor checklist to help consumers make the best decision when hiring a window replacement contractor.


The window contractor that one selects should have a good reputation. This is easy to verify through the Better Business Bureau. While this organization does not have the authority to regulate companies, consumers can visit their website to discover if any active complaints have been filed against the contractor. A history of dissatisfied customers is obviously not a good sign.

Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Homeowners should seek the advice of friends and/or coworkers who have used a contractor in the past. Good questions to ask when gathering referrals include:

  • Did the contractor stick with the quoted price?
  • Were the repairs completed on time?
  • Was there additional work required to complete the project?
  • Would you hire the contractor again in the future?

Any contractor who hesitates when asked to supply a list of referrals is not a good choice for the job.


Making sure the window replacement contractor is licensed prior to signing an agreement is another important consideration. Consumers should understand that some individuals pose as professionals in order to commit crimes. Others have lost a license for unsavory business practices. For this reason, the wisest course of action is to ask for the individual's license information and verify it before he or she is hired.

Willingness to Answer Questions

Professionals with years of experience in their field are usually very dedicated to their work and are more than willing to answer any questions one may have about the windows themselves or the price associated with their installation. Contractors who are hesitant to do so or who offer only vague answers should be avoided.


All contractors should have valid insurance in case an incident or accident occurs while the work is being completed. Such insurance also covers liability should the contractor become injured while on the client's property. Any contractor who is not willing to offer proof of insurance should not be considered for the job.

Ultimately, the homeowner must take all the information he or she has gathered into account before selecting a window replacement contractor. No one should attempt to make window repairs without professional help. Only when an experienced professional is hired for the job can one expect a satisfactory outcome.

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