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Window Options to Bring More Light in to Your Kitchen

Window Options to Bring More Light in to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatment Options

Some of the most beautifully decorated kitchens can easily be diminished in appearance with poor overhead lighting and a lack of natural light coming through the windows. The type of window treatments used can greatly determine how much light is in the kitchen, making it important to choose the right option for a beautifully lit space. There are a number of styles available, which can be used to decorate the window while still offering a bit of privacy.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters add a decorative look to windows for a convenient way of controlling just how much light is let into the space. It's a beautiful alternative compared to traditional blinds and can add a cozy touch for added warmth in the room. Many different shutters are even able to open completely for a chance to enjoy a view outside and let the sunlight flood in during certain times of the day.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, use a lightweight material that is sheer, but durable for an incredible way of welcoming light into the kitchen. They are easily adjustable and can offer privacy due to the length that they are adjusted to on the window. For a product that is easy to install and can last several years, it's an ideal option for kitchen windows.

Roman and Roller Shades

For window treatments that add extra detail to the design of the window, both Roman and roller shades offer both texture and dimension while still allowing light to come in through most of the window. Roman shades look regal and high-end with their style, while still adjustable and available in sheer materials.

Simple Panels of Sheer Fabric

To dress up the windows without blocking outside light from coming in, sheer window panels add an attractive touch to the space without limiting how illuminated the kitchen becomes throughout the day. They're available in various colors and can be shut when the light is harsh during the middle of the day.

Hang Cotton Organza

This material offers a country style that is tied at the top of the curtain rod with two separate panels used for extra bulk that is still sheer. The curtains can be tied back on each side and even flood onto the floor for windows that are tall in length and allow an ample amount of sunlight into the kitchen.

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