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Current home interior design trends

Current home interior design trends

For those looking to enhance the interior of their home and create a welcoming space, there are several different design trends that are must-haves for the coming year. Designers are now putting more emphasis on eclectic and natural looks that don't have to necessarily match to look attractive. To upgrade the design of your home and allow it to look current, there are a few trends to follow for stylish and creative accents.


Gone are the days of taupe paint on the walls, as more people are opting for decorative wallpaper that stands out in different rooms of the home and makes more of a statement. Between using oversized floral wallpaper in an entryway to choosing a chevron print for the living room, more designers are reintroducing wallpaper to add an extra element in the home that looks high-end. For those who don't want to add such a dramatic addition to the walls, painted accent walls are also popular for a shade that complements the surrounding room and stands out with its bold color.

Blend of Metals

Although gold accents were popular in prior years, more people are incorporating brass and silver metal finishes with their accessories into their home environment for an eclectic and attractive blend. It adds a vintage tone with the home's design and allows for candlesticks to be mismatched or for different metals to be used with light fixtures.

Marble Surfaces

Granite countertops were a popular fixture in homes during the early 2000s, but have since become outdated and too commonplace for most properties. For a chic and regal upgrade, more people are upgrading to marble surfaces for a contemporary way of allowing the property to look classy and clean. Whether using marble in the bathtub or installing it on a kitchen island, it proves to be a durable and high-end material that will surely transform the design of the home.

Honey-Toned Woods

Instead of opting for dark woods that are rich and dramatic, honey-toned woods are a contemporary choice that makes for a natural and organic environment on the property. Between using the soft color on cabinets to choosing a honey-toned dining table, woods that are of a lighter shade prove to be more modern and fresh. Between oak to walnut, there are various shades of wood available that are light and stand out for the interior environment.

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