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5 Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas

5 Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas

If you own a home and want to cut your electricity bills, you should consider your windows. Think about it, in the summer, you bring in plenty of unwanted heat if you don’t cover up. On the other hand, in the winter, you can keep the warm air in the house with the right treatments.

Cellular shades: If you want to trap the warm air in the house, you should install cellular shades. With this high-efficiency installation, not only will you get plenty of natural light, but you will enjoy free and warm air. Remember, if you want to impress people and show off your house, install cellular shades.

Drapery: If you are looking for simple and stylish, consider drapery. This adds a layer of insulation and gives you that refined look. Since you can choose your favorite color and style, this is an excellent way to add to your house without sacrificing the look.

Shutters: If you live in an extremely cold climate, you will want to install shutters. This is the most energy-efficient and quick way to create a barrier to keep out cold air. However, this has a downside as some people don’t like the look of shutters. On the other hand, if you live in an old house, you can truly enhance the look of your home with shutters.

Solar shades: If you want to enjoy a nice view of the outdoors, you will want to consider other options. Think about it, if you have a nice yard or other view, you will not want to block it with drapery, shutters or other shades. Fortunately, with solar shades, you can keep your home cool. At the same time, you can block powerful and damaging UV rays. In the long run, your paint will last long, and you won’t need to worry about sitting in front of the window. Simply put, if you want to enjoy your view without causing other issues, install some solar shades.

Double pane: Finally, if you want to keep the temperature at a reasonable degree, install double pane windows. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they will lower the noise levels in your house. With this investment, you will watch as the value of your home increases.

With these five ideas, you can keep your house at a normal temperature and not worry about the elements heating up or cooling down your rooms too much.

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