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How to Clean Your Blinds

How to Clean Your Blinds

It is almost that time again. Time for spring cleaning. When beginning your spring cleaning checklist, do not forget to ass this one thing: cleaning the window blinds. It is not any fun and it does have to be done but it does not have to be difficult. Since *most* blinds are commonly white, we will start with those. Then we will inform you of a somewhat effortless way of cleaning different colored blinds.

Cleaning White Blinds

During your regular house cleaning, when you are dusting or vacuuming, it is a good practice to run a damp rag or the vacuum nozzle over your blinds to make it easier for you when you decide to thoroughly clean the blinds.
When you want to thoroughly clean white blinds, it is easiest to follow these quick steps:

  • Run a bathtub full of water, adding a bit of bleach.
  • Allow your white blinds to soak in the mixture for a little bit.
  • Take a rag to the blinds to wipe away and extra dirt or dust that does not come off on its own in the bathtub.
  • Rinse the blinds in lukewarm water.
  • Set the blinds outside in the sunshine to dry or drape over the clothesline or porch railing.Once completely dry, hang them back up in the window and enjoy your clean blinds.

Cleaning Colored Blinds

To clean colored blinds, using bleach to soak them is not recommended for obvious discoloring reasons. As with white blinds the simplest method would be to soak them. Here is how:

  • Run a bathtub full of water, but instead of bleach, use Dawn or any other dish washing liquid you have handy.
  • Allow the blinds to soak in the mixture for a little while.
  • Use a rag to wipe away any remaining dust or dirt left lingering behind by the soaking mixture.
  • Rinse the blinds with lukewarm water.
  • Set the blinds outside to allow the sunlight to dry them completely using the same method described for the white blinds.

Spring cleaning can consist of may items compiled together to keep you busy for sometimes a week at a time. Some of these include switching out your winter clothes to spring and summer clothes, cleaning out closets and junk drawers, mopping behind the refrigerator and stove, moving the dryer and washer to collect lost socks and lint balls, and of course: cleaning the ceiling fans and blinds. If you follow the techniques given in this article for cleaning your blinds, the task should not be one that you dread seeing on your spring cleaning list. It is simple to do and basically effortless compared to all of the other chores you have listed to get finished.

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