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Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Windows are the one of the most important parts of any home. When effectively used, the right windows can help make any room feel light and airy and charming and cozy. Windows can also be enhanced with the use of effective window treatments. A good window treatment will work well with your existing color scheme, help provide a focal point for a room and add an extra layer of fabric to bring in color and movement. Here are some suggestions.

Balloon Shades

Balloon shades are shades that are formed into a very round shape. Typically balloon shades incorporate the use of pleats and other methods of fabric folds. A balloon shade is ideal in a room where you want to give an air of lighthearted playfulness. Consider using this type of window treatment in a child's room. It is easy to purchase balloon shades or have them custom made for any room. Balloon shades are best used on smaller windows or a row of windows such as one may find in a window seat.

Long Draperies

If you have a two story room such as a great room in your home, it can be hard to figure how to decorate the windows and provide privacy at the same time while not blocking out light. Long draperies are excellent for this purpose. Long, sweeping drapery panels that reach from the very top of the windows and ceiling and then pool on the floor create a dramatic and appealing feel in any room. Buy them in matching solid fabric to create a coherent look.

Soft Sheers

Wrap your room and windows with a sense of gauzy relaxation with sheer white curtains. Sheer curtains can serve as pleasant, neutral background to a color scheme that uses lots of floral and chintz. A set of sheers can also help frame an enticing view by subtly highlighting it. Sheer white curtains work extremely well with a beach house or sea decorating theme. Use them underneath thicker draperies.

Tailored Valances

A valance is a short curtain stapled to an outer structure. The outer structure typically juts out from the window by an inch or so in a box like form. The valance may be backed by batting. Valances are available in many types. A tailored valance, made from a dark, neutral fabric is often ideal in rooms that may not get much light but have windows. The tailored look helps create a formal feel that can add elegance to a home office where you receive clients or a dining room devoted to formal entertaining. Create a less formal look with floral fabric or heavily patterned fabric that has decorative edging for a frillier, more feminine feel.

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