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How to Repair/Restore Wood Window Frames

How to Repair/Restore Wood Window Frames

New and old-fashioned homes have wood structures that need proper restoration. It is hard to promote the charm and appeal of a house that contains rotting wood. Fix this damage right away before it falls apart altogether. Know the best ways that you can restore wood window frames.

First, get rid of the existing paint and chemicals on the wood. Use tools like knives, sanders and sandpaper to clean off the frame. The sandpaper is needed to smooth out the texture. It takes careful skill to remove the sealant without causing more damage. If you find mold on the window, remove it using a mixture of bleach and water. The bleach is strong enough to strip the mold right off. Change the method if you scrub hard enough with no effect.

Check for wood defects like cracks, holes and splinters. If cracks are left unattended, the wood is likely to disintegrate. Fill these openings with fillers and smooth over the surface with a knife. You can use a sander to smooth out the texture. Choose fillers made from the same wood species so that you avoid mismatching colors.

After you clean the wood, apply a restorative coating. Apply using the tip of a putty knife or form the glaze into strips. Smooth the coating so that it does not dry with bulges. Another good solution is to use teak oil. Once the glaze dries, apply the new paint. If you are working with outdoor furniture, use paint products that are resistant to nature’s harsh elements. Make sure that you apply the right techniques if you want smooth, even coats.

Decorative wood is coated with sealant to protect its exterior. Eventually, this coating wears off because of excessive dirt, moisture and cleaning. You may have to apply a brand-new sealant on older wood pieces. No matter the age and condition of the wood, find solutions to fix any problems. Restoration is necessary if you want to keep the glass within the wood window frame. Notice when your window unit does not look good and take the right steps to restore the frame.

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