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Screen Options For Your Front Door

Screen Options For Your Front Door

There is a wide array of different options for choosing a screen for your front door. Different screens provide different benefits. Options include wood screens, fiberglass screens and bronze screens.

Wood Front Door Screens

When choosing a wood front door screen, there are a couple different benefits associated with the choice. The first noticeable benefit is lighting. Wooden screen doors allow a good amount of light to come into the home making it feel more open and airy. Another benefit of wooden screen doors is ventilation. During times of the year when the outside temperature is perfect, this type of screen door allows a homeowner to ventilate their home with their main door open and the screen door closed. Wooden screen doors offer amazing curb appeal and a beautiful view for any passerby. Wooden front door screens are an overall great option when deciding what type of screen to choose.

Fiberglass Front Door Screens

Another option to choose from when deciding on a front door screen for a home is fiberglass. Fiberglass has similar benefits of wooden screen doors for the home such as letting in a good amount of light and allowing the home to feel open, allowing the homeowner to ventilate the home and offering curb appeal, however, there is another major benefit of fiberglasss screen doors. The next benefit fiberglass screen doors offer is that they can withstand harder conditions. Fiberglass will not dent or ding if it is hit. Fiberglass front door screens are also less expensive than wooden front door screens.

Bronze Front Door Screens

Bronze front door screens are another great option to consider when deciding on a front door screen for a home. Bronze front door screens do offer great lighting, ventilation and curb appeal, but bronze also brings significantly longer amounts of service time to the table. Bronze will be higher in price than wooden front door screens and fiberglass front door screens, but bronze will also outlast these types of screens by years.

When choosing what type of front door screen would be best, wooden front door screens, fiberglass front door screens, and bronze front door screens all offer different types of benefits. Ultimately the choice comes down to the homeowner's personal preference.

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