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Looking For a New Career? 5 Reasons to Consider the Home Improvement Sector

Choosing a fulfilling career that parallels your passion and offers stability is the key to a lifetime of job contentment. It is also known to be better for your health and relationships, gives you heightened self-esteem, more vitality, and offers you the structure to a happier life.

When you consider the average person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, it's pretty important to enjoy what you do every day.

5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Home Improvement Jobs in California

A career in the home improvement sector is an excellent option for many because it is typically steady, fulfilling, and diverse. If you enjoy home improvement shows, working with your hands, or have a flair for design, a career in home improvement might be for you!


Worrying about your job's stability creates a life stress everyone wants to avoid. Job security is one of the perks of choosing a career in the home improvement sector. Home improvement is at an all-time high, meaning that contractors have plenty of work to stay busy. According to property management, nearly half of the US homes were built before 1980, with 38% built before 1970. As homes age, they need repairs and updates to improve their energy efficiency and curb appeal, boosting their resale value later on down the road.

The popularity of home improvement shows has played a substantial part in the boom. From aesthetics to maintenance to repairs, people love updating their homes, whether they need a new kitchen that makes better use of the space, new siding, or replacement windows. While they have the dream, many lack the time, know-how, or skills necessary to complete the job. There are many small tasks homeowners often take on themselves; there are many more they prefer to hire out.


Working a manual labor job can be rewarding physically, too. Here are a few reasons we love working with our hands.

Better sleep is the first on our list. A job requiring you to move your body could be the ticket to help you sleep the full 8 hours you need! 

Another advantage of a physical job is overall physical fitness. Jobs that require you to be continually moving, lifting heavy objects, pulling, pushing, and bending all help you build muscle and gain flexibility. Having a physical job is excellent for your heart health and reduces the likelihood of obesity. 

If you happen to find a desk job in the home improvement industry, there are ways in which to make it more healthy, too! Consider investing in a stand-up or treadmill desk, plan scheduled breaks to walk around the office, do simple stretches at your desk throughout the day, and use your lunch break to squeeze in a workout. Working in an environment that inspires movement – inside the office and out – can trickle down, to inspire a healthier workday.


Do you know someone that works in the housing industry? If so, you've probably heard them talk about homes they've built, repaired, or fixed up. It's their way of leaving their stamp on the world, making it an overall better place. 

When you know that the work you do has increased the safety, happiness, and health of a family, that is a good feeling that can last a lifetime. 


No matter where you start your career in the home improvement industry, you can always move up. Many who started in trade school or as an apprentice have eventually managed or even owned businesses. The sky truly is the limit on where you can go in the industry. 


Some perks of working for an established company include health insurance, set hours, all the tools you will need to complete the job, a steady paycheck, plenty of work, and being part of a team that genuinely cares about the job and each other. 

At Newman Windows and Doors, we've invested the past nearly 30 years in establishing a workplace environment that is fulfilling, stable, and rewarding. We require excellence and offer training, pay, and benefits to enable our employees to excel. We understand that to keep our customers happy, we also have to keep our employees happy. If you are looking for a change, please look at our career page. We are as committed to our company and employees' success for our customers' satisfaction.

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