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Replacement Window Prices – Is Cheaper Better?

Is it time to replace your windows, or are your doors in need of an upgrade? There is more to choosing windows and doors than just the upfront cost of purchasing tangible items. Installation, aesthetics, weather resistance, and lasting quality should also be considered when making any large home renovation purchase, including windows and doors.

Replacement Window Prices


At first glance, it may seem most cost-effective to run to the local box store, buy the windows and install them yourself. Sure, you could spend a Saturday working on your house and save some money upfront but what if you run into issues in the installation?

Here are some things to consider before installing your new windows or doors yourself:

  • What if the windows don’t quite fit?
  • What if you find mold when you remove the old windows?
  • What if you damage the trim or siding on installation? Do you know how to repair it?
  • Do you know how to properly weatherproof your window casing?

You could hire someone on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace but again, how confident are you in their skill? Here are some questions to ask before hiring an unknown or unproven contractor:

  • Do they have experience installing projects similar to yours?
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • What if something is damaged by them?
  • Who is responsible if things don’t go according to plan and the quote grows like black storm clouds forming over a mountain.

Often it is more cost-effective and time-efficient to have the installation done by professionals who specialize in window and door installs. They are trained to find potential snags before starting the project and they are also trained with how to handle issues should they arise.

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That should be the only acceptable reaction when you see your new install completed. NEW WINDOWS should complement the style, shape, and color of your house, increasing curb appeal. A licensed professional can help you match your current style or aid in the transition if you are in the midst of a major remodel.


Windows are viewed as a way to let the outside in, but they are also required to keep the weather out. In cold climates, windows must remain frost-free even in the coldest weather. Sun damage on furniture and heat penetration are two things to factor in when installing glass in warm climates.

One oft-made mistake is to purchase inexpensive windows in a home to save a reno budget but then have your monthly heating/cooling bill skyrocket. A WINDOW AND DOOR PROFESSIONAL can help you find items that will balance both budgets.

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You’ve heard it said that investing in quality is cheaper in the long run but how does that pertain to current budget restrictions? The answer to that question is not simple but it is relatively straightforward.

It is vital when starting any project to have a breakdown of all costs that will be incurred. Often a quote that is particularly cheap, either for product or installation or both, has hidden costs or the potential for less-than-quality workmanship or work that is not warrantied, insured, or bonded. Each of these scenarios can end up being much more costly than purchasing the correct products and having them properly installed the first time.

In the end, investing in proper windows and doors installed correctly saves time, money, and potential headaches. Improper product or install can create a much more costly project that costs more and is not to your standards.

Newman Windows and Doors only sells products that are rated to hold up to weather, add aesthetic value, and last beautifully in your home. Our installers work for us so they are highly trained and experienced in working with our specific products. They work quickly and skillfully to deliver a project with which you are sure to be pleased.

So, when it comes to replacement window prices, is cheaper better? Not in the long run.

Learn more about the Newman Advantage here, then download our free guide below to help you choose the right company for your windows and/or doors.

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