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Minor Remodeling Ideas: Add a Bay Window

Minor Remodeling Ideas: Add a Bay Window

While many remodeling projects require a lot of time and cost to complete, some projects can have a big impact on the look and feel of a home with minimal effort and cost. One such project is the addition of a bay window. A bay window is a general term for a window that extends out from the side of a home. In most cases, a bay window will have three sides, two that angle out away from the home and one that lies parallel to the exterior wall of the house. However, there are other configurations, including the bow window which is curved.

As the bay window extends out away from the house, it provides a small increase in interior space. However, more than just adding a few square feet to the floor of a home, a bay window often becomes the focal point of a room. When placed facing the street, a bay window may also become the focal point of the exterior of the home. A bay window is a great place to put a breakfast nook or a window seat. A bay window can also allow a significant amount of sunlight into a home and is an ideal way to open up a small or dark room.

Bay windows can be added to any home. They can be used to replace an existing window or door or can be placed into a wall without a current opening. Though bay windows are most commonly placed in living rooms and dining rooms, they can also be found in bedrooms and bathrooms. This is especially true for bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor of a home where privacy is less of a concern. Perhaps best of all, they are not expensive or time consuming to install. Depending on the size and scope of the window project, the work can often be completed in one day.

As Southern California has some of the most picturesque scenery in the country, homes throughout the San Diego and Orange County area can benefit from a bay window to bring light and beauty into a home. Whether you are in need of a bay window or other home remodeling project, we at Newman Windows are ready to serve you.

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