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Picking the Right Interior Doors for your Home

Picking the Right Interior Doors for your Home

Sometimes, making small changes to the interior of your home can make a big difference in appearance and style. Selecting the right interior doors for your residence can go a long way in providing a look that is both stylish and functional.

When considering what kind and style of door to place in different areas of your home, think about how you use the various spaces. Are the doors usually left open or closed? Is there a need for greater privacy or noise blocking in one doorway or another in the home? How much foot traffic will a particular doorway get on any given day?

By answering simple questions like these, you can plan out the right types of interior doors to use throughout your home.

Hollow-core doors in a flat or paneled finish are the builder's standard in interior uses for most new and recent construction. If you need additional privacy or noise reduction for certain rooms, you might consider upgrading that particular door to a solid-core model that matches the rest of your interior door finishes. The solid-core door will provide additional noise blocking properties.

In heavy traffic areas where the door will be getting a lot of use, you will want to pay particular attention to the type of door hardware that you use. Purchasing an upgraded latch and/or lock set will provide extra strength and resilience, and ensure that knobs and latches will hold up to whatever your family can dish out.

Do you have a room that you'd like to keep an eye on, but also want the ability to close it off from younger children and pets? A door with a window, or a split door, often called a “dutch door” is the perfect application for such a scenario.

Does the bottom of your door get scuffed and marked from shoes and footprints? You can add a decorative kick-plate to the door to protect it, and provide an easy way to keep the door clean and fresh looking.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish with the doors in your home, you can be sure that a door and hardware retailer will have the knowledge and ability to help you make the best decision about how to correctly outfit your home.

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