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Here’s Why You Need a French Bay Window in Your Home

There’s nothing like the installation of a French bay window to add flair and drama to a room while also giving it an elegance and classiness it might not have otherwise. It also gives a room a great deal of natural light and opens up a view. Since the window is built into a bay, it acts almost as a stage and can be counted on to become the main focal point of a room. This is especially true if it’s large enough to a comfortably accommodate a seating arrangement. Some bay windows serve as places for breakfast nooks in kitchens that were formerly too small for a formal table and chairs or places to set deep, claw-footed Victorian bathtubs.

Bay windows can be square or curved, and curved bay windows are sometimes called bow windows. Though they can be found in any sort of home including a mobile home, they’re most often seen in houses in the Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles. Shingle houses are famous for having two story bay windows of different window styles.

Because they are set in bays, a bay will need to be built in a room that formerly lacked one. After that, our professionals from Newman Windows and Doors can install a bay window that’s just right for the room.

The one problem people may have with their bay windows is a rather happy one. They can be a bit challenging to dress, because a single curtain rod will need to be curved to cover all of the segments of the window. Some people solve this problem by hanging individual but identical curtains or shades in all of the bay window's units. In a very large bay window with lots of mullions, some people install a valance that spans all of the windows and pulls all the elements together.

A homeowner who lives in the San Diego area and has always dreamed of a big, bright bay window in their kitchen, livingroom, family room or elsewhere should call us a Newman Windows and Doors. We will happily give our customer free, in-home estimates. Call us a call, toll free, at (858) 240-1375.

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