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Sliding vs. French Doors is a Personal Choice

A home is a sanctuary where families live in comfort with doors that are made to keep them safe and warm. Both doors and windows provide a very important function for homeowners because they are a direct connection to other rooms within the home or the outside. Sliding doors and French doors are used in designs to allow access to patios and outdoor spaces. The benefits of using either of these doors are their ability to allow extra visibility and light into a room. Using a patio door opens up a room making it look bigger and brighter, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the space to the fullest. They also add aesthetic elements with beautiful design options, which is accomplished by using different types of materials.

There are obvious differences between a sliding vs. French doors for patio usage. The main one being that the French style often has small grids that give a framed look that runs the entire length of the door. They are also available with an unobstructed glass panel that has a more modern look. French doors open using a hinge system that is typical to a regular door. Sliding glass doors use a rail system that the door slides on to open and close. They are pulled sideways rather than the in and out method of a French door. Sliding doors offer a space-saving option that works well for smaller areas. They are usually made from vinyl or aluminum and can have a left-hand or right-hand operational system. The sliding door requires less of a frame around the glass, which allows more light to enter a room.

French sliding doors are available that require wider rails to operate but give the look of the traditional style. Each style comes in different materials, such as vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Today’s homeowners want their doors to be energy efficient, that means they must be well insulated with energy-saving glass to reduce heat and cooling expenses. Security is also a consideration when purchasing a patio door, and the locking system needs to be strong enough to keep the interior of the home safe. Patio doors are exposed to weather and need to be constructed to withstand the elements. A house is an investment, and the doors need to perform properly to protect the people who reside within. Purchasing the right patio door increases the value of the home while giving it the desired look.

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