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Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Home

Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Home

Spring time can give you the urge to open the windows and re-decorate. You may even get the urge to make some functional remodeling efforts this year. To get the look from both the inside and the outside, focus on changes to your windows and doors. By detailing your doors and windows, you can create a big impression, whether someone is at the front door or sitting in your living room.

Create Style and Functionality

Put on your in-home decorator’s hat, but don’t forget how those changes can pull double-duty. Here are just a few ways to do just that:

  1. Change the Drapes – Curtains provide privacy and warmth in the winter, but need to be changed out the spring. You can pick sheer drapes to bring more light into the home and make it feel fresh and new.
  2. Add Window and Door Fittings – Shutters outside the home can provide your home with a new look without bankrupting you. Awnings will provide shade in a hot climate and can even give you more livable space under a door or in a patio area. You can also change out tarnished hardware to give both windows and doors a bright new look.
  3. Dab a Little Paint on it – Add a splash of paint to the doors to create a custom look. Interior doors can be painted a darker background color for emphasis or a lighter color to blend in.
  4. Change out Doors and Windows – Add an elegant storm door for privacy, utility, and looks. Add interior partitions with sliding French doors to separate adjoining rooms. Pull out a flat window and replace it with a bay window. You’ll not only get more light in the room, but you’ll have additional space to grow an indoor garden.

Depending on your budget and your lifestyle needs, you can choose to just add a splash of color or add new functional design elements that transform the home entirely. Doors are easy to hang and can instantly change the character of a room. Windows provide needed air circulation while lighting up a space. Make the most of these built-in design elements to highlight the ambiance you want for your home. They can add charm to both the inside and the outside with just one purchase.

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