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Tips to Painting Different Types of Doors

Tips to Painting Different Types of Doors

Doors are some of the most important parts of your home, yet many people don't even think about a door until something splinters or needs a new topcoat. Don't make this mistake! Use the following guide for re-painting your entryway. Every material type can be redecorated, but some have more detailed instructions than others.


Timber is by far the most popular material for entryways, but it can also be the most time-consuming to paint. This is because you'll need to both remove and sand the door before applying any color. If you don't take it off, lay it flat and even out the surface, your final paint job will be full of lumps, cracks and rough patches.


Start with a layer of primer before applying the paint itself. This will ensure that the color adheres properly to the vinyl. From there, you have a choice of either spraying or rolling on your paint. The former is faster, but it can also get quite messy; you may want to stick with rollers if you're trying to paint a front entrance or otherwise visible entryway.


Aluminum entryways are relatively easy to paint due to their smooth surfaces. Spraying is the best option here; pressurized spray paint will bond more easily to the aluminum than anything applied with a brush or roller. Just make sure you clean it well beforehand. Wipe it down with an ammonia mixture to prevent any smudges from causing discoloration.


A light touch is essential when painting a fiberglass entryway. Too many layers will hide its texture and prevent anyone from realizing that it's fiberglass at all. Skip the primer, and skip the clear topcoat when you're finished, too. Just apply the paint directly. Don't do more than 1-2 coats.


Many interior entrances are made of composite mixtures that are cheaper and more easily installed than 100 percent timber. It's important to get the specifics of their construction before painting them; different types will have different needs. For example, some wood composites come pre-primed, and priming or sanding them further will damage their structural integrity. Call the manufacturers before attempting to paint a composite entryway.

These are just a few common door types and how to best change their colors. As you can see, every material can be painted as long as you approach it the right way, so break out the paint cans and get ready to shake things up!

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