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Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing a window treatment for your sliding glass door can be tricky. You want something that adds privacy and blocks out heat and cold during the extreme months but doesn't hinder the door's function. Throw away your ugly vertical blinds and opt for something a little more unique and appealing. Below are window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors.

Stick with Curtains

Classic, affordable, and easily changeable, curtain panels are a viable option for your sliding doors. Use a tie back system to keep them out of the way during the day and prevent them getting caught in the door by the younger members of the family. Mount your top treatments high enough above the door frame so the hems of the top treatments don't brush on people's heads as they pass through. And since this is a high traffic area, have your full length curtains an inch or two above the floor to prevent them picking up dirt and becoming grungy.

Side Mounted Panels

These are more for aeshetic appeal, perfect for those super private yards and neighborhoods where you don't feel like you need to block out the neighbors. These are also ideal for homeowners lucky enough to have scenic views right outside their door. Create extra space in homes with low-ceilings by mounting the rods out of reach (say 12 inches or so above the door frame) to give the ceilings an extra visual boost. Since these are merely for look's sake, pick bright colors or bold patterns for a “work of art” look.

Get Creative with Blinds

If you have a flexible budget, consider getting a new sliding door with the blinds inside the glass. This allows for a functional window covering that requires almost zero maintenance and gives you a flexible set of blinds that are safe from breaking by rambunctious kids and pets running in and out through the door.

Plantation Shutters

These stylish and easy-to-customize shutters bring a certain Southern charm to your home without sacrificing hardiness or functionality. The shutters will fold closed over your windows at night and easily open to give you an unencumbered view. Once opened, the shutters are completely out the way to eliminate possible damage to the shutters in this high traffic area.

Don't feel like you're stuck with ugly and fragile vertical blinds on your screen door. Throw away that 1990s notion and instead opt for something a bit more creative. Whether you want an art deco curtain panel, beachy plantation shutters, or just something to make the space more appealing, there is something out there that's perfect for you and your home.

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