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What are Vanishing Screens?

What are Vanishing Screens?

If you have been looking for replacement windows or screens, you may have stumbled upon one of the newest types of screens on the market. Known by the brand name, Vanishing Screens, these window screens are also called retractable screens. What are these screens and why should you consider them in your home? Read on to find out:

What are Vanishing Screens, Exactly?

Most people are well aware of window screens in their windows, but Vanishing Screens take the concept of screens to the next level. The main difference between one of these retractable screens and a traditional window screen is that the retractable screen will easily disappear and can be stored right in a housing area. In other words, you only use the screen when you want it. When it is stored, the window is open to the elements with nothing between you and the outdoors but fresh air.

What are the Benefits of Vanishing Screens?

You may wonder why people would choose to install Vanishing Screens into their home. First of all, these screens offer up an unobstructed view of the outdoors. With traditional screens, the view can be hazy or dulled because of the mesh. Another benefit of these screens will be apparent if you have windows that push out or in. It can be a hassle to deal with a traditional window screen, but with these screens, they easily slide into place, and your windows can be open to the world. Finally, you will find that these screens are very elegant and will match most decor options.

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