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10 Smart & Affordable Home Renovations Using Your Tax Return

When you’re getting money back from the IRS, tax day is the adult equivalent of Christmas morning. By the time the check comes, we’ve already decided how we’re going to spend it. One year, it may be a vacation and another may be dedicated to something more responsible, like paying bills. This year, consider some …

Energy-Efficient Homes of the Past, Present, and Future

Had you asked homeowners even twenty years ago what their “must-have” items were, energy efficiency homes probably wouldn’t have crossed many lips. Partially, this was due to lack of knowledge. Without the technology and ease of sharing information (ahem, the internet), many people didn’t realize how much energy was being wasted in their home, how …

Finding the Best Window Replacement Contractor Checklist

Window repairs often take consumers by surprise, even when their homes are well maintained. When faced with this scenario, a person should do everything possible to avoid choosing a contractor in haste. Below is a window replacement contractor checklist to help consumers make the best decision when hiring a window replacement contractor. Reputation The window …

Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing a window treatment for your sliding glass door can be tricky. You want something that adds privacy and blocks out heat and cold during the extreme months but doesn’t hinder the door’s function. Throw away your ugly vertical blinds and opt for something a little more unique and appealing. Below are window treatment ideas …

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