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What is a Picture Window?

A picture window is a large window that does not open up. It offers a clear and unobstructed view of the outside environment. It is basically framework for whatever view is on display. It does not matter if it is a river, the ocean, a forest or mountains. A picture window makes outside beauty a […]

Current home interior design trends

For those looking to enhance the interior of their home and create a welcoming space, there are several different design trends that are must-haves for the coming year. Designers are now putting more emphasis on eclectic and natural looks that don’t have to necessarily match to look attractive. To upgrade the design of your home […]

What are Vanishing Screens?

If you have been looking for replacement windows or screens, you may have stumbled upon one of the newest types of screens on the market. Known by the brand name, Vanishing Screens, these window screens are also called retractable screens. What are these screens and why should you consider them in your home? Read on […]

Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing a window treatment for your sliding glass door can be tricky. You want something that adds privacy and blocks out heat and cold during the extreme months but doesn’t hinder the door’s function. Throw away your ugly vertical blinds and opt for something a little more unique and appealing. Below are window treatment ideas […]

Ways to Lower Your Home’s Energy Bill

In this economy, everyone is understandably looking for ways to save money. Fortunately, saving money every month doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, it can be quite simple. There are a number of places where you can cut your costs, from downsizing your home to cutting down on entertainment expenses. However, one of the […]

How to Repair Hollow Doors

Doesn’t it seem as if holes in hollow doors are inevitable? Growing up, we’ve probably all had an experience where we’ve either made a hole in the door or just lived with a hole of mystery origins. Where do these holes come from? Falls – Falls are big culprits. And if you are a parent […]

How to Stop Drafts From Entering Doors & Windows

Drafts can make a home very uncomfortable. They also reduce efficiency and can increase energy use. Aging or damaged doors and windows are two of the main sources of drafts in a home. There are several ways to stop drafts from entering through doors and windows. Add Weatherstripping Weatherstripping can help to stop drafts fast. […]

How to Fix a Sticking Sliding Door

Sliding glass doors in a home are attractive, but require the occasional tune-up for optimal performance. Fixing a sticky or stuck sliding glass door is a simple process that even an inexperienced homeowner can handle, but one that may take a little time and muscle to complete. The fix may be as simple as a […]

How To Install a Window

Installing a window isn’t simple but it is something you can do on your own. Here are the basic steps to installing a new window: First, we need to find out what’s behind the wall before we knock a hole in it. Walls can hide anything from plumbing pipes to electrical wires. If these needful […]

When Should I Replace the Windows in my Home?

The windows in your home do more than give you a view of the outdoors. They form a barrier between you and the elements. Sometimes you can maintain this barrier with simple window maintenance and repairs. Other times replacement of one or more of your windows is the only option. How do homeowners determine when […]

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